Grounded Bats & Sightings

A grounded bat will almost certainly need help.

Using gloves, or a cloth, carefully pick up the bat and place it into a secure, container such as a large ice cream tub or shoebox (check that there are no thumb size holes or perforations in the box first, as bats are great escape artists). Put four small holes in the lid of the box for ventilation (the end of a pencil is ideal) and place some kitchen paper or tissue on the bottom of the box.

A milk bottle lid or other small shallow container filled with water should be added to allow the bat to drink, should it wish to.

A cloth can also be added to allow the bat to crawl under and feel safe, if it wishes.

Then call the Bat Conservation Trust Helpline on 0345 1300228 and they will be able to put you in touch with a local carer.

The Lincolnshire Bat Rescue 24/7 bat care helpline landline number is 01754 880070 and mobile numbers James : 07713 760211 or Julie : 07586 293860